For Kyle Clark of 9News, journalism is about being the smartest guy in the room and a smartass when his interview target doesn’t buckle to his barrage of gotcha questions designed to humiliate, smear, and reinforce that Kyle is the smartest guy in the room.

Kyle doesn’t usually discriminate based on color, gender, or race either.

He’s an equal opportunity offender of Republicans from all walks of life.

Just ask Andy Rougeot, the only Republican running for Denver mayor.

Andy is the only candidate to be pre-targeted by Kyle before the 9News debate, which Rougeot was banned from because he refused to take taxpayer dollars from the Fair Election Fund.

Then there was the 9News profile hit piece this week.

Kyle mocked Rougeot for declining to accept taxpayer funds, suggesting it was an insult to Denver’s estimated 700,000 residents — of which only 200,000 voted in favor of funding wealthy and well-known political candidates with your money.

Are Denver voters wrong?! Kyle demanded, as if voters are all knowing, incapable of making a bad decision like eliminating the Gallagher Amendment. But we digress.

Here’s another one of Kyle’s gotcha moments in which he fails to deliver the punch:

Kyle skips right over Rougeot’s belief that drug addicts need treatment, not a blind eye turned when they set up camp in a park to do drugs and drop trousers in front of children to take a dump.

Why not build more pubic bathrooms, Kyle asks? The clip cuts off shortly after Rougeot’s response that a public bathroom was right across the street.

It’s just like progressives to ignore the root of the increasing homeless condition, and instead pursue public loos for the homeless to poo.

And that’s what they mean by “public” bathroom. A place for the homeless to use the bathroom, which will immediately turn into a bath house, bunk house, drug den, and sex spot.

And we’ll need millions more in taxpayer dollars to pay for a bureaucracy to hire janitors and buy supplies like soap, toilet paper, condom machine, and constitutionally guaranteed menstruation products for all genders.

Plus, a security force to break up fights, wake up nappers to make way for those who actually need to use the toilet, and warn the general public it’s not really a public restroom so don’t let children go in alone.

Here’s another prime example of Kyle taking Rougeot’s compassion out of context for shock value on Twitter, but if you take a minute to actually listen to the clip, that’s not at all the hard-hearted statement he delivered about detoxing in jail.

Skip the out-of-context tweets, here’s the full interview for those who can stomach Kyle that long.