The lone Republican running for mayor in Denver made national news this week because he disagreed with a journalist about calling the cops on a homeless dude doing drugs and dropping trousers in front of his child to take a dump in the park.

Because that’s the normal and acceptable way of life in Denver now, we are ordered to believe by our progressive overlords.

Andy Rougeot was interviewed about that interview moment with 9News guy Kyle Clark, which PeakNation will recall was tweeted by Kyle in an effort to shame the candidate for his completely logical and reasonable response to the situation with his three-year-old daughter.

“It was amazing that a journalist like Kyle is acting like a man exposing himself to my daughter while defecating in a public park is acceptable, but a mayor who wants to enforce our laws is extreme,” he told the Washington Free Beacon.


Such is life for the sole Republican mayoral candidate in Denver, a progressive hub that has seen a corresponding rise in homeless encampments and public drug use.

The Free Beacon also noted how Kyle took a kinder, more gentler tone with progressive darling Lisa Calderon, who wants to turn Denver into San Francisco by legalizing homeless camps and defunding police.

Clark, who conducted a series of interviews with mayoral candidates, found even some Democrats insufficiently progressive. Last week he also chided Aurelio Martinez for wanting to limit construction of subsidized housing blocs in Denver’s old neighborhoods and argued that allowing people to park their cars outside their homes was an unfair subsidy for car owners.

So it’s not just us.

The Beltway media thinks Kyle is a dick, too.