The poor and middle class face a classic Catch-22 situation and get screwed no matter which way they vote on Gov. Polis’s proposed ballot measure to address an unexpected property tax hike of 30%-70%.

Instead of sending a simple cap to deal with the tax hike surge caused by inflation, which will send a huge windfall to the taxman for even more government spending, Polis pulled a bait and switch and demands we either give him the property taxes, or he takes our TABOR refund.

Adding insult to injury, he’s shifting the blame from himself and the Democrat-controlled legislature by putting the question to voters in the November election.

Cowards. Every one of them.

And greedy. But we digress with anger in our heart.

If the poor and middle class don’t own homes, and vote down the proposal to save their TABOR refund, then property taxes goes sky-high along with their monthly rent.

Polis screws them either way.

From Michael Fields with Advance Colorado:

“We really waited this whole session for this half-baked proposal?”

“We’ve got a five-alarm fire in Colorado and our governor showed up with a squirt gun.”


Democrat’s theft-and-spend tactics are out of control in Colorado and the media are giving them a pass by touting this as a tax cap and burying the details.

No wonder Polis thinks he can just skate on this shit and it won’t affect his presidential aspirations.