The political theater played out by Democrats claiming to offer Denver as a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants has blown up in their collective faces with Biden’s open border and the migrant crisis it has caused.

It turns out Denver wasn’t such a welcoming city after all.

It was all just virtue Kabuki performed by grifters looking to cash in on extra taxpayer dollars for the bother of it all.

The Denver Gazette editorial board is spot on in its characterization of how Democrats and Colorado are abusing the desperate migrants seeking to escape the socialist state of Venezuela, or as Gov. Polis calls it, “a brutal authoritarian regime.”

Like Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath, they describe Denver Mayor Hancock’s bold invitation to desperate migrants searching for a better life, to make the dangerous trek to his city where they will be welcomed with comfort and care, shelter, food, and security.

Elusive fruit leads the needy to proceed with false expectations. Professed benefactors who fib, exaggerate, renege or demand compensation do more harm than good.


Sadly, as they arrive the mayor sounds unwelcoming. He wants payment if he must deliver on his gestures of goodwill.

Hancock then attacks Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for busing migrants from border towns that are bursting at the seams and unable to handle the flow of migrants that Hancock and Biden bid pour into our country.

Hancock last week called immigrant bussing “political theater” and “a stunt.” The mayor warns of billing Abbot for Colorado’s cost to care for and welcome refugees — which he vowed to do without mentioning an invoice.

It’s a political stunt when migrants are bused to the sanctuary city of Denver for the help it’s been promising to deliver, Hancock insists.

But when Polis spends millions of taxpayer dollars to bus migrants who arrived here on their own, out of Denver to other cities as he did over the Christmas holiday, we’re to believe that’s being a humanitarian.

Hypocrites is what they all are.

Read the entire editorial and share it with your friends. It’s the most Colorado truth you will hear this year.