National security aside, we find it hilarious that it’s been years and still no decision has been made regarding the permanent location of Space Command Headquarters.

PeakNation™ will recall media reports that claim Trump planned to wait until after the 2020 election to see how he fared in Colorado before awarding permanent location status.

More than halfway through Biden’s presidency, with his reelection campaign already underway for a second term, it looks like Biden’s playing the same game.

Biden’s dragging his feet waiting to see which way Alabama goes before making the same decision that apparently Trump made with a simple swipe of his pen.

Now Colorado Public Radio reports the GOP-led House Armed Services Committee, chaired by Alabama U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers, will investigate why it’s taking so damn long for Biden to make a decision.

“I am deeply concerned that the continued delays in making this move final are politically motivated and damaging to our national security,” Rogers said in a statement announcing the investigation, which was requested by fellow Alabama GOP Rep. Dale Strong who represents Huntsville and also serves on the committee.

The investigation has pissed off Colorado’s useless U.S. Sen. John Hickenlooper, who put down his beer long enough to fire back:

“If we want to talk about politically motivated delays harming national security then let’s talk about Trump’s actions in reversing the Space Command decision in the first place,” Hickenlooper said. “Facts are facts: Space Command is very nearly at FOC [full operational capability] in Colorado. Moving it to Alabama now would be based solely on politics.”

So, if Biden moves Space Command to Alabama, it’s based solely on politics, Hickenlooper charges.

And what is the motivation for Biden twiddling his thumbs for 29 months instead of just reversing Trump’s so-called political decision to just up and move the HQ to Alabama?

We’re going with, politics.