Another candidate has stepped up to the plate to take on Auon’tai “Tay” Anderson and the functionally crippled Denver Public School board in the November election.

Military veteran and security expert Paul Ballenger announced he is running for the at-large seat to represent the entire city that is currently held by Anderson.

Ballenger told Chalkbeat the recent shooting and complete dysfunction of the board motivated him to get into the race.

If elected, he said he wants to “restore some dignity” to the board and get members back to business.


“I want to make school board meetings boring again,” Ballenger said.

If only.

There are seven school board members but only three are up for reelection on Nov. 7: Anderson, Scott Baldermann’s and Charmaine Lindsay.

Kwame Spearman, who briefly ran for Denver mayor this year, was the first to announce against Anderson.

Chalkbeat reports former East High School Principal John Youngquist is also considering a run against Anderson.

Hopefully, some other candidates will toss their hats into the ring for the other open seats.

And if we’re lucky, parents might actually get motivated enough to launch a recall campaign and clean house, cause it’s starting to resemble an episode from “Hoarders” over there.