Instead of cutting property taxes as allegedly tasked by Gov. Polis, Democrat lawmakers spent an additional $213 million during the first days of the special legislative session.

When they weren’t redistributing your income, Democrats welcomed an insurrectionary horde of radical socialists to disrupt the session until police finally removed the protestors from the gallery.

Protestors demanded Colorado lawmakers stop Israel from defending itself against murder, mayhem and rocket attacks by Palestinian-led Hamas through a cease fire that would ultimately allow Hamas terrorists to finish killing all Jews from the river to the sea.

It sounds rather harsh without the sing-song chanting of passionate yet ignorant young socialists behaving like anti-semites who don’t have a clue what they are saying.

Newly installed Democrat state Rep. Tim Hernandez of Denver, who rushed to celebrate the so-called Hamas martyrs on the day of their attack torturing and killing 1,200 Jews, welcomed the insurrectionists to disrupt the legislature’s work.

“Standing in strong solidarity with Coloradans who bravely stood up and disrupted our job this morning calling for a Ceasefire in Gaza. Over a majority of Americans now support a Ceasefire. I urge my colleagues to listen,” Gonzales said in a social media post.

Shrugging his oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution, Hernandez also tossed out the U.S. flag on his desk and installed the Palestinian flag. This time, the flag wasn’t upside down.

The cringe factor over the first few days of the special session to lower property taxes was off the charts.

The Denver Gazette reports this reaction from Republican state Rep. Yaron “Ron” Weinberg of Loveland:

“There is no place for anti-Semitism. The comments by these protestors will not deter me from my duty to stand up and share the truth about Israel. We came here today for a very different purpose, to discuss much-needed property tax relief in our state. After comments by some of my fellow representatives and the intrusion of these protestors into the proceedings of this body, I am calling on all of my fellow state representatives to fully, publicly, and unequivocally condemn Hamas as the terrorist organization they are and the atrocities they have committed.”

For those bothering to take note, it’s against House rules for representatives like Hernandez, and the other Democrats who applauded, to encourage the disruption of House proceedings.

Hernandez was also in violation of the dress code that prohibits members from dressing like this:

The mainstream media coverage has been mixed with the Denver Post cheering the partisan drive of Democrats to shut out Republicans.

Last we checked GOP lawmakers were also duly elected officials by residents of this state who have just as much right to be heard as progressives.

Democrats are so drunk with power, even Kyle Clark has been calling them out on their shenanigans.

The session to hold off property tax hikes got off to a bad start and only promises to get worse with more spending, protest stunts, and Democrat power grabs.

Stay tuned, and hang onto your wallet!