When last we wrote about Saira Rao, a failed Democrat congressional candidate and racist capitalist who profits off liberal white guilt, she claimed to have been kicked off Twitter for hating on whitey.

Fast forward four years — because no one really cared about Rao’s hate-for-profit racket after she lost to Diana DeGette — and it turns out Rao’s still on Twitter and other social media accounts but now she’s hating on people of all color who are Jewish.

The Denverite is crying to the Hollywood Reporter and Westword that her agent Ally Shuster and entertainment agency CAA dropped her like a Hamas rocket because of her unsurprising views that Israel should not have defended itself against the Hamas attacks last month.

Apparently, Rao dropped some offensive stereotypes and added absurd insults to injury by calling Israelis “genocidal ghouls,” which is kind of like calling African Americans slave-trading monsters.

From Westword:

Speaking through a spokesperson, the agency says many people it works with support Palestine, but Rao’s words went too far.

Yes, she did.

“Zionists are starting to panic that more and more of the world sees them for the bloodthirsty genocidal ghouls that they are,” Rao wrote on Threads in one instance. Another example the CAA cites: “Can you imagine being so obsessed with land and power and money that you murder newborns to obtain this STUFF,” which Rao posted on X.

“Whiteness is a death cult and am so grateful to not be a part of it,” she added.

Another post read, “Call me a terrorist. Call me antisemitic. Call me whatever you want. I am not committing genocide. You are. I am not condoning genocide. You are.”

Rao was then shocked, shocked that her agent, a graduate of Yeshiva University, a private orthodox Jewish school, would be offended by her mean tweets.

Frankly, we’re surprised Rao would even sign with an agent who has a mostly white client list. But ignorance and greed know no boundaries.

PeakNation™ will recall that Rao blamed whitey for getting spanked by DeGette in the 2018 Democrat primary for the 1st Congressional District, in which Rao lost by a whopping 44%.

Rao then turned to hosting S&M-like dinner parties wherein liberals paid her and partner Regina Jackson money to hate on them for being racist. It was quite the scam, which they were trying to turn into an off-Broadway show when their dreams of the big time were shattered by karma.

Rao would protest the opening of an envelope, especially if it was white, so it’s no surprise she’s on the side of a fringe terrorist propaganda machine masquerading as the Palestinian people.

We welcome her back into obscurity and pray to all the Gods that we never hear from her again.