Is Denver busing their migrants over to Colorado Springs, which last time we checked was not one of their sister sanctuary cities?

El Paso County commissioners say a bus with 30 border crossers showed up last week from Denver, and the officials urged charity resources to keep their focus on residents instead, The Gazette reports.

We informed PeakNation just days ago that Denver was already offering migrants bus tickets out of town to try their luck at housing and jobs someplace else.

Springs Mayor Yemi Mobolade held a press conference via YouTube to assure his voters the city is not in crisis mode, yet, and called on President Biden to keep it that way.

“Immigration is a federal responsibility. It’s not in the city’s purview but because we have not taken care of the crisis at our southern border, it’s meeting our city. I do call on the president of the United States and federal partners to help us to ensure that this crisis doesn’t impact our city.”

Mobolade acknowledged the border is indeed in crisis, but also thinks the border should be open to everyone seeking opportunity here.

Ever since Biden rescinded the “Remain in Mexico” policy, it opened the border to hundreds of thousands of migrants seeking asylum to instead remain in the U.S., backlogging their claims processing for more than six years.

It’s basically become a backdoor amnesty program with taxpayer perks, that comes with zero screening.

An immigrant himself, Mobolade thinks it should be the responsibility of U.S. taxpayers to take care of everyone simply seeking a job or whatever opportunity here they desire.

“I know I can’t speak for the migrants in the southern border, but if I was to guess, they’re also coming here for opportunity. … These families are looking for opportunity, and hence, the federal government needs to step up and ensure that they’re being taken care of.”

America is the land of opportunity for those who follow our laws, yet progressive Democrats and so-called independents like Mobolade want to turn us into the welfare rolls for the world, and they’re doing it with an open border.