A Denver TV personality is mocking Coloradans who are concerned about the flood of migrants overwhelming local resources and infrastructure as “anti-migrant.”

And don’t dare question the lack of humanity in Biden’s open borders that has beckoned millions of crossers to claim asylum, yet only a small percentage are being approved for asylum.

Kyle Clark of 9News is hating on Lakewood residents who are concerned about a new arrangement being brokered with Denver to help relieve their burden of being a sanctuary city.

Lakewood residents are worried their city will become a sanctuary city like Denver, some worried that schools could be used for housing like we saw recently in New York.

Clark quickly admonished some residents’ concerns as malicious misinformation and outed organizers to label them as anti-migrants holding an anti-migrant meeting and anyone who dared show up were anti-migrants too.

It didn’t work. The Tuesday night meeting was standing room only with residents upset with the city council for brokering a “good neighbor” agreement without any public notice or comment.

Clark didn’t attend the standing-room-only townhall to hear the community’s concerns about sharing Denver’s burden.

He was there to nitpick at their every word and mock them. How dare they not be as uber informed as a big time TV personality like Kyle Clark!

He even mocked a Christian woman who wanted to offer a prayer, but thought it wasn’t allowed in public meetings anymore.

One resident expressed concerns that a Denver hospital was going bankrupt with unpaid migrant healthcare bills.

Kyle smugly crowed on social media: They’re not in bankruptcy! They’re only owed $10 million in unpaid migrant bills!

Yes Kyle, how ignorant of these mere mortals to mistake national news coverage from NBC reporting “Migrant crisis hits Denver hospitals, schools,” as some sort of warning that Denver schools and hospitals are in crisis.

Is it so far fetched that shuttered JeffCo schools could be used as housing or so-called navigation centers for migrants or the homeless?

Jimmy Sengenberger explores that possibility in this Denver Gazette column.

Clark’s snobby missives on X completely missed the point, which is the fact that Loveland City Council decided during a meeting last month with little public input to sign a “good neighbor” agreement and help Denver carry the migrant load.

Lakewood has flat out denied any intention of declaring itself a sanctuary city. But is it really necessary, considering Jefferson is already a sanctuary county?

The city council plans to finalize that good neighbor agreement to help Denver with migrants at a Feb. 12 meeting

That was the purpose of the Lakewood Town Hall that Kyle was so determined to undermine and discredit.

Perhaps if Lakewood were more forthcoming as to exactly how they plan to be a good neighbor to Denver and assist with the migrant crisis, there would not be so much public speculation filling in the gaps.

Back in olden times when journalists had a soul, their job was to listen and report on the legitimate concerns of their community and act as a government watchdog. Not to mock and publicly fact check folks to shame and embarrass them while acting like government’s attack dog.

This was a town hall meeting of residents sharing their concerns and looking for answers, not the president of the United States delivering the State of the Union speech.

It’s no wonder folks won’t trust the media anymore.