The financial effect of the migrant crisis in Denver is not going unnoticed by elected officials in numerous communities who are concerned the same could happen in their towns.

Boy Scouts would call this being prepared.

Bureaucrats call it lessons learned.

Kyle Clark at 9News calls it being anti-migrant. So shut up about it.

Clark is making it his personal mission to embarrass concerned citizens and elected officials who are watching Denver’s budget cuts to pay for the hundreds of millions they say it’s costing them for shelter, food, education, and to transport migrants to other cities and states.

They wonder if their community is next.

Not to mention the national news stories about migrant crime in sanctuary cities where they are protected against deportation because local law enforcement is banned from cooperating with immigration officials.

The concerns for the sheer unpreparedness of Biden’s open border experiment extends to Colorado Springs, Longmont, Monument, Aurora, Canon City, and Grand Junction.

Like this report about Monument City Council voting to declare they are not a sanctuary city.

Here’s what Clark thinks about Monument’s resolution and concerns.

Clark used another report from KDVR after the Fox News interview to try and paint Monument Mayor Mitch LaKind as some backwoods yahoo spreading rumors about a white van.

The incident wasn’t made up out of whole cloth.

The Cañon City Police Department told KRDO13 Investigates it responded to the van incident in November and it didn’t involve migrants. Officers spoke with the people dropped off at Macon Plaza, who told them in English they were homeless. The department said it isn’t aware of migrants being dropped off in Cañon City.

The people who were dropped off said they were homeless and spoke English.

LaKind based his report on what happened in another city from that city’s mayor. He didn’t’ just make it up out of thin air because he’s anti-migrant.

When the resolution passed Monument City Council, it’s worth noting that LaKind at the time fact-checked similar reports in his town and dispelled it in the media.

From The Gazette report on Feb. 19

LaKind went on to address a rumor which led to a registered complaint of two busloads of people, suspected to be migrants who have entered the country illegally, dropped off at the Walmart on Jackson Creek in Monument. LaKind said it was confirmed with the management of the local Walmart location that no such event had taken place.


“Immediately, upon getting that email, it literally took me 30 seconds to forward that to the town manager and the chief of police and [the police department] immediately dispatched police to the Walmart, and there was no evidence of congregating people in large groups that may have fit the description of busloads of immigrants,” the mayor said. “There were no busloads in the parking lot and there was no congregating around the building, and Walmart management confirmed that.”

So why is Clark so determined to migrant shame LaKind and others who oppose Biden’s open border policy or worries that what’s happening in Denver will soon spread to their town?

Is Clark just this far in the tank for Democrats and Biden?

Or, does 9News have a guilty conscience and are over-compensating for the firing of several Hispanic reporters a few years back that sparked accusations of discrimination?

Not everyone can be an investigative reporter and spend hours or days fact-checking tid bits of information.

Sometimes real people just get details wrong. There’s no need for a TV reporter to be such a public dick about it.