Auon’tai “Tay” Anderson is back in the news and it’s not good, at least not for him.

A Denver district court has ordered Anderson to pay the $60,000 legal fees that Black Lives Matter 5280 and activist Amy Brown racked up when Anderson sued them for defamation.

PeakNation™ will recall that Anderson was accused of sexual harassment and assault during his term on the Denver School Board. The school district did their own internal investigation and said they could not substantiate the accusations, which BLM had relayed from anonymous victims, to the public via social media.

However, the Denver Police Department conducted its own investigation and brought a sexual assault case to District Attorney Beth McCann, but the politically progressive prosecutor declined to pursue the case.

 After Anderson’s defamation case was dismissed, BLM and Brown used a relatively new law to recoup their legal fees.

Anderson is telling the media that he and his legal team are considering appealing the court’s decision.

He should probably hedge his bets and pay the court ordered legal team of the BLM, instead of the imaginary legal team in his head leading his defense.

Ironically, the school board paid Anderson $3,500 of taxpayer dollars to help cover the cost of legal fees he said he incurred during their inquiry.

We’re blocked from seeing what Anderson is saying about this on his official X account, but here’s how it’s going down over on the satirical Tay Anderson site:

It’s unclear if Anderson has a job to pay his own or the BLM’s legal fees.

Anderson suspended his campaign for the state House earlier this year and announced that he had launched a nonprofit group, which last time we checked had about two dozen followers on X.