Only ranchers who can prove their dogs were actually working at the time to protect livestock when killed by wolves could be compensated for the loss under a Democrat bill in the state House.

The measure would also create more government bureaucracy with new jobs called “native-carnivore coexistence officers” to enforce these and other bull$hit provisions to make it harder for ranchers to get compensated for this whole wolf introduction mess.

House Bill 1375 is sponsored by state Rep. Tammy Story of Evergreen and Republican-turned-Democrat state Sen. Kevin Priola of Henderson.

Story says she wants ranchers to coexist with wolves in nonlethal ways.

The Craig Daily Press reports the bill would ban ranchers from killing wolves that attack their livestock if the coexistence officers discover “a rancher doesn’t properly bury or remove any livestock carcass from their property.”

The guard dog must be “actively working to protect livestock,” presumably that’s opposed to other times when dogs just stand in the same spot for hours sniffing grass.

The legislation would also create conflict prevention plans for areas where wolves are present.

Not to be a smartass (we are) but the best conflict prevention plan would be not to introduce wolves in a state where livestock contributes $2 billion annually to the economy.

Which reminds us, this weekend is the time to celebrate Colorado’s favorite holiday, Meat In Day! The Fence Post has the activities here.

Getting back on topic, the bill would mandate that ranchers use non-lethal wolf deference measures in order to get paid when it doesn’t’ work for wolves killing their livestock, the Daily Press reports.

Non-lethal deterrence tools include hanging flags, using flashing lights, blasting sounds and deploying guard dogs under House Bill 1375.


“I’m hoping it will ensure that livestock owners commit to utilizing non-lethal coexistence tools in order to protect their herd and their livelihood,” Story said in an interview with The Vail Daily. “At the same time, it provides gray wolves a fighting chance to establish and thrive here in Colorado.”

If that doesn’t work, we expect progressives next will demand diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) training for ranchers and dogs so they stop acting all privileged and just let the wolves kill their livestock. And dogs.