Colorado Democrats are desperately trying to rid themselves of a growing PR nightmare that is the party’s vice chair of public relations, Sheena Kadi.

PeakNation™ will recall with a bucket of popcorn that Kadi has trashed state Rep. Leslie Herod all over social media adding to the lawmaker’s reputation of being a terrible boss at the Capitol.

Kadi accused her of being a “bully and predator” and then the accusations turned to sexual assault. Kaki even got a judge to grant a temporary restraining order against the lawmaker in January.

But now another judge says Kadi’s accusations could not be substantiated, and instead issued a protective order for the Democrat Party official to say away from Herod.

Colorado Politics reports that several members of the party’s central committee have also launched a petition to unelect the woman they choose to be the party’s face of public relations. Because as PR goes, she’s really sucking at it.

The petition was started by University of Colorado Regent Wanda James; Samantha Walsh, who is co-chair of House District 24 in Jefferson County; Hashim Coates, a candidate for Arapahoe County commissioner; and, Neal Walia, co-chair of the Colorado South Asian Democrats Initiative.


The petition asks that Kadi’s party credentials be immediately suspended, that she be banned on participating in party events and meetings, that her access to voter files be suspended; that a cease and desist be issued for using any “self-given title of ‘spokesperson’ on any of her online or physical biographies, along with commenting on party activities or meetings on social media”; and, that Kadi be removed from her position as vice chair on the state central committee.

Not only do some Democrats want Kadi removed from her party position, but others are clamoring to have her fired from her day job that is completely separate from her party work. Or at least, it’s supposed to be.

State Democrat Party Chair Shad Murib is also desperate to be rid of the PR maven and is creating what he’s calling a “Controversy Committee” to consider the petition once a grand total of only 50 signatures are gathered.

Our popcorn is in the microwave, as we predict Kadi’s PR services will be dispensed with post haste.