When some folks expressed concern that Denver would offload its budget-draining migrants from overflowing shelters into their towns, a TV news personality mocked them as anti-migrant conspiracists.

Fast forward just a few weeks, and that same 9News Next host is portraying Denver as the victims in the city’s plot to bus migrants to other cities, even as far as the Canadian border, while blaming the whole mess on Biden Texas.

The drama unfolds in a video “obtained” by Kyle Clark that looks suspiciously staged by the Denver mayor’s political director, Andres Carrera, who now has a second job as the city’s “newcomer communications liaison.”

Here he is communicating with the newcomers — the trendy new term for recent migrants over Biden’s open border of unknown legal status.

Interestingly, the video shows Carrera clearly in focus telling a couple dozen out-of-focus migrants there is nothing for them in Denver.

Why are the migrants faces out of focus while the city official is in focus? Because that’s obviously what the city asked for in exchange for “leaking” the video to Clark.

On its face, the video seems harsh.

Because it is.

But Clark is to the rescue with the appropriate political spin to make it all the fault of Republicans. Never mind Denver is threatening to send migrants to the Canadian border.

Here’s the point of the leaked video, and Clark’s willingness to flak it. From the article:

As he wraps up his remarks, Carrera asks the crowd, “Okay, who wants to travel to different cities where there is more work?”

Little reaction is seen in the video.

“Who wants to stay in Denver?”

“Todos,” a migrant replies — everyone.

You see?

Everyone wants to stay here, but some people are too mean to pay for the resources to house, feed, provide employment, medical care, educate, and just too ornery to speak Spanish.

Migrants have been bused from overrun border towns by pro-immigration non-profits and NGOs using taxpayer money to facilitate immigration since Biden opened the border.

It’s only since Texas jumped in with their own buses that the media took offense.

Notice it’s not a problem either, when Colorado taxpayers bus migrants to the front door of other Democrat cities when we don’t have the resources to care for them, just like Texas.

It’s never Biden’s fault he opened the border without a plan for how we’re supposed to care and feed for folks living in poverty on this planet that numbers over 700 million people.