Poll after poll since Joe Biden took office as president has consistently shown the flailing economy is the chief concern among voters when it comes to the direction of our country.

Sure, the pandemic didn’t help. But neither did the overreaction by Biden and Democrat governors including Polis to shut down business and industry to stop a virus.

And with the June 25 primary races fast approaching in Colorado, the political adage holds true: It’s the economy, stupid. And crippling our economy still is the Democrats’ war on western energy.

Over in the 3rd Congressional District, Republican Jeff Hurd is responding to voters’ concerns in a new campaign commercial addressing that battle and the need for a stabilized energy industry in Colorado and nationwide.

“Biden is waging war on American energy and regulating rural Colorado into poverty. People are losing jobs, hope and faith. I’m Jeff Hurd, I’ve spent my career working with energy producers to lower electricity costs for Colorado,” Hurd says in his TV ad.

Hurd pledged to oppose Biden’s regulations that aim to eliminate gas powered vehicles, and fight for American energy independence while putting Colorado first.

Watch the ad here:

It’s time to pay attention. Ballots will be mailed to voters beginning Saturday.