The purpose of school graduation ceremonies is no longer just to celebrate the educational achievements of students that prepares them for living in the real world or getting a job.

Thanks to Gov. Polis and radical socialist Democrat lawmakers, such rituals have now evolved in Colorado to signal the politicalization of the students and their allegiance to the causes by which they’ve been indoctrinated by their teachers.

But mostly, it’s to signal and applaud their new gender identity.

A bill signed into law last week by Polis makes government the authority on what students from kindergarten through college are permitted to wear during their graduation ceremonies.

Media reports say the bill allows students to wear objects of cultural or religious significance.

A closer look at the bill reveals it’s all about expressing one’s gender, which is covered numerous times in the legislation that was sponsored by socialist Democrat state Reps. Tim Hernandez and Elisabeth Epps of Denver.

Culture is defined as practices by certain groups of people, plus protected classes based on their sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, race, ethnicity, creed, color, national origin, ancestry, age or religion.

Does it come as any surprise that gender pride should take priority over graduations, as so many occur in June?

Or that Pride Month is held in June, when so many primary elections are historically scheduled?

It’s not surprising that Hernandez, who may or may not still be a teacher and has their union endorsement, would claim to prioritize education as a lawmaker.

But what must come as a disappointment to parents is that his only accomplishment in his first session would be to put the government in control of how students can use their graduations to protest or virtue signal.

The new law says schools can still prohibit students from wearing an adornment that would disrupt a graduation ceremony.

We’re guessing that rainbow hair with a Palestinian keffiyeh doesn’t count, but a hair tattoo with Trump’s name would be forbidden.