Removing any doubt that Jared Polis is a libertarian leaning Democrat who opposes big government, the governor signed into law all but six bills passed by state lawmakers this session.

Hold onto your wallets, because the Democrat dominated state legislature passed a whopping 525 bills in just over three months.

Kudos to Schotts for calling out the governor on his hypocrisy.

The six bills vetoed by Polis include a measure that would hold contractors responsible when subcontractors failed to pay their employees.

Also vetoed:

  • HB24-1010 – Insurance Coverage for Provider-Administered Drugs
  • HB24-1080 – Youth Sports Personnel Requirements
  • HB24-1260 – Prohibition Against Employee Discipline
  • HB24-1307 – HVAC Improvements for Public Schools
  • SB24-150 – Processing of Municipal Solid Waste

Polis is so proud of the hundreds of bills he did sign raising taxes and fees, growing government and over regulating the private sector into a weak economy, he cheekily launched a bill signing tour like he was some kind of Big Government rock star.

Among the claims of some of the bills he passed, is that the legislation will “move Colorado closer to becoming one of the ten safest states.”

Sounds like Polis has been sniffing his own rhetoric.

Polis still claims to be cutting property taxes, even though it shoots up even higher every time the governor blinks, and that he’s putting more money into Coloradans’ pockets by diverting TABOR refunds from the working class to the non-working residents.

And still, Coloradans will keep voting Democrats back into office as ballots flood mail boxes this week.