Democrats have the media marching in lockstep with the party to tell their voters which candidates to support, but how are Colorado’s 900,000 Republicans supposed to get the best information upon which to base their decision?

The only traditional regional newspaper in the state with conservative editorial pages is The Gazette, which publishes editions in Colorado Springs and Denver and still endorses almost exclusively candidates representing the Republican Party.

To assist voters in their due diligence, The Gazette’s editorial board presents regional recommendations based on the board’s knowledge of candidates, their public appearances, news-side questionnaires, earned media, campaign literature and political promises.

They’ve made endorsements in the 5th Congressional District and other local and regional races. Spoiler alert, they endorsed Jeff Crank for Congress against Dave Williams, who is also the state GOP chairman.

From The Gazette’s endorsement:

David Williams, who has made a freak show of the once-respected Colorado state Republican Party after enriching himself by doing business with China. Williams was fired by former President Donald Trump’s campaign in 2016 for pretending Trump supported a Williams-friendly candidate. He recently committed a similar campaign foul by raising money off Trump’s conviction — flouting the Trump campaign’s warnings against doing so.

Williams also led the state party to break with its history of staying out of races so voters could decide on their own, and issued their own endorsement based on internal power plays, squabbles, and poorly written questionnaires that only confuses voters.

Spoiler alert, Williams endorsed himself.

Here’s a recap of their other endorsements. 

Conservative voters must do the hard work this election and conduct their own investigations as to who is the best candidate.

Google candidate web pages, read their social media account and yes, even the news articles and read between the lines.

Talk to your friends and neighbors to get their opinions, and ask your local Republican elected officials who they support, and why.

As yourself if the candidate is looking for power or has a plan to implement specific policies.

Too many politicians just want to wave the red meat issues in our faces and grandstand against Democrats without any clue of how to govern.

Even worse, some Republicans are more interested in grandstanding against fellow Republicans and have no intention of governing or actually making change in government policies.

But there are voters who are content to just send a lone wolf to Washington to rail against authority, and that’s their choice. But they shouldn’t be surprised when no change ever comes of that.