The Denver welcome wagon for Biden’s border busters to the land of the free stuff includes a complimentary computer with a prepaid cell phone, plus six months’ rent, food, utilities and all the metro bus passes that no one else wants.

But the Gold Welfare Package paid for by state and federal taxpayers is just for the designated “newcomers” of the estimated 22,000 migrants who are permitted to stay in Colorado.

The other 20,000 are still being dumped on other states through the city’s Orwellian named “Onward Travel” program.

The most recent drop off occurred Memorial Day weekend in Salt Lake City, prompting this response from Utah’s Republican governor:

It’s unclear what Colorado’s culling process is for who stays and who goes.

Denver insists not all migrants want to remain in Colorado and take advantage of Denver’s deluxe, starter package of free living, and prefer to be dropped off in places like Salt Lake that can barely muster a cot and shelter for the night.

From KUTV News:

“They arrived in Salt Lake City with very little information other than instructions to find a person in uniform to help,” said Salt Lake Police Chief Mike Brown, in an email to the department.

Officials here tell the Denver Gazette it’s no big secret they’re migrant dumping, having already shipped off 2,000 to Utah. So shut up about it.

Behold the arrogance of Jon Ewing of Denver Human Services, the agency in charge of welcoming or rejecting migrants of various immigration status.

“That was probably 10 days in December for us,” Ewing said comparing the hundreds Denver was seeing daily in December and January.

PeakNation™ will recall Ewing threw a hissy fit when migrants were bused in from the border and dumped in front of the state Capital without notifying Denver.

“This feels like a cheap shot. It feels intentional. Our shelters are not downtown. They are in different parts of the city but not right downtown. Some are even off of the interstate. All a driver has to do is just take an exit and you drop them right off,” Ewing said.

PeakNation™ also remembers that Denver Mayor Johnston initially demanded $180 million in taxpayer dollars to cover the cost of Biden’s border busters.

When Biden didn’t give it to him, Johnston instead cut the city’s budget and jobs by $40 million.

The Gazette reports the cost of free stuff is now expected to crest at $90 million, which includes the 22,000 bus, plane and train tickets out of here.