Democrats aren’t serious people.

They can’t run for election to public office on pledges to keep an economy strong, protect voters from criminals, or secure the border against a flood of millions of migrants.

Instead, we get this.

The Associated Press reports:

From plain white cakes to rainbow-colored ones, the Colorado Supreme Court considered a variety of hypothetical cake-design scenarios Tuesday as it heard arguments in the case of a Christian baker who refused to make a pink cake with blue icing to celebrate a gender transition.

The court did not make a decision right away as to whether Denver area baker Jack Phillips can make cakes that don’t violate his religious principles.

The whole case reeks of a lawsuit setup, brought by a lawyer who asked Phillips to make the cake to celebrate her transition.

Phillips was willing to bake it until the lawyer told him its purpose, then filed a lawsuit a hot second later.

The last time Phillips was sued for refusing to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple the case went all the way to the Supreme Court, which ruled the Colorado Civil Rights Commission had violated Phillips’ constitutional rights to freedom of religion.

America has serious problems to contend with, and the color and significance of cakes is far, far down that list.

So while we struggle with an inflated economy, homelessness, drug overdoses and unchecked crimes, Democrats are focused on ensuring everyone gets cake.