Why are Democrats investing a half million dollar in advertising to elect Ron Hanks in this week’s Republican primary for the 3rd  Congressional District representing the Western Slope?

Conversely, why is the national Republican Party swooping in with an advertising blitz to knock Hanks out of the running?

Is it because both sides know the out-of-district candidate from Canon City can’t win in the November General Election against the Aspen liberal who almost beat Lauren Boebert in the last election?

Shaun Boyd from CBS News Denver reports on the risky tactic by Democrats to elect the weakest GOP candidate on the ticket to better steal the seat from the GOP this fall:

They see Hanks, a former state representative, as easier to beat in the general election. So do Republicans, who are now running ads attacking Hanks for being a California liberal and accusing Democrats of “pathetic primary meddling.”

Here’s the ad.

We’ll find out Tuesday which Republican candidate that voters think can win the seat and best represent their needs in Congress.