Pueblo Republicans were forced to relocate their Election Night watch party after someone fired a gun into the front window of their headquarters on North Main Street.

Police say they can’t be sure whether the gunfire was politically motivated.

And yet, it sure looks political.

A spokesperson for the Pueblo County Democrats condemned the act as terrifying and insisted “Violence has no place in our democracy.”

And yet, there it was. Violence in the middle of Pueblo’s democracy. Against Republicans.

Pueblo County Republican Party chairwoman Michelle Gray told 11 News the watch party was relocated to ensure the safety of their volunteers and candidates.

People need to remember this is just politics, Gray said.

And so it is.

The target of the shooter’s ire appears to be a sign supporting Stephen Varela of Pueblo, who was running in the GOP primary for the 3rd Congressional District seat.

Varela placed third in the contest behind the winner, Jeff Hurd of Grand Junction, and Ron Hanks of Canon City.