Republicans historically unite after divisive primary elections are over and the winners declared and then led by their party chairman they move forward and work together to defeat Democrats in the fall general election.

However, history and tradition also dictate that the Republican Party chairman refrain from attempting to fix the primary election outcomes by tipping the scales with party endorsements of his or her favorite candidates.

And yet here we are.

So awkward. So many lessons learned.

Party Chairman Dave Williams lost his own bid for the 4th Congressional District seat to Jeff Crank with only 35% of the vote to Crank’s 65%. In political circles, that’s what’s known as a resounding defeat.

The 18 candidates Williams convinced the party to endorse didn’t fare so well either, as 14 lost their own elections.

Williams’ statement after the votes were counted was full of spite as he spit sour grapes and blamed everyone but himself.

From The Colorado Sun:

“I never backed down from a fight and never compromised my conservative, Christian beliefs,” Williams added, vowing to continue to serve as GOP chair and help primary winners across the state “ensure that we have successful conservative victories up and down the ballot in November.”

Seemingly lost on Williams and his followers in the county party structure is that they do not live in a Bible Belt red state where they can reap the privileges of pure right-wing conservatism as it aligns with their Christian faith, and still win elections.

Not even in Colorado Springs anymore, apparently.

Colorado has become political purgatory for all Republicans no matter which way they lean.

They’re not welcome in the heavily populated Front Range except for some stronghold pockets of freedom.

Republicans can still be found roaming the Western Slope and Eastern Plains where they can speak freely among their own.

And in those regions where strong Republicans won Tuesday’s political primaries, it remains to be seen as to whether they really need or want the state party’s help in the November election, as they are winning so far without it.

The party eventually issued a congratulations to all of the candidates whom they worked against, albeit unsigned by the party chairman.