Gov. Polis conceded in a Fox News interview that the race between Donald Trump and Joe Biden is neck and neck, with advice for both men to articulate a positive vision for the future rather than dwelling on the past.

In other words, Polis is parroting the same talking points as every Democrat for Biden to avoid discussing his disaster of his presidency or remind voters of everything he’s done for the last four years that all went to Hell.

Same goes for Trump. Don’t let him remind voters how well off they were during a Trump presidency before Biden tanked the economy while ringing up the national debt by the trillions.

“What I really think President Biden needs to do is articulate a positive, exciting vision for the future — how we can make life better for everyday Americans, improve the economy, reduce costs, and move forward as a country together,” Polis said.

Which begs the question: Why didn’t Biden do any of that in his first four years like Trump did?

Democrats are also wailing about voter “amnesia” of the mean Trump tweets as if he were unhinged, instead of a rough-edged president who didn’t put up with any crap to accomplish his campaign promises, like energy security that kept consumer prices low.

Speaking of unhinged. Polis was also asked about Jamaal Bowman, the first member of The Squad to suffer defeat at the ballot box this week.

Polis initially blamed Bowman’s loss on not attending enough birthday parties or funerals, which apparently is how Democrats get to know their dead constituents.

When pressed by interviewer and former Coloradan Dana Perino about Bowman’s claims his constituents had been brainwashed by the Jews, Polis allowed that Bowman was obsessed with the war.

“I think the people of his district in the Bronx and Westchester, just like the people in Colorado, want their elected officials to fight for lower costs for a strong economy,” Polis said.

“If you seem obsessed about issues that of course people legitimately care about — but they’re not the kitchen table issues that are the most important to people — people will say, why are we sending this guy if all he’s doing is fighting about an overseas war and not delivering on reducing costs and making our lives easier or health care less expensive?” Polis asked.

It’s a good answer. We’ll remember it the next time a Democrat gets in our face and starts shouting, “But what about Ukraine?!!”

Watch the full interview here.