Last night’s train wreck of a debate performance by President Biden surely has Gov. Polis packing his bags for the Democrats’ August convention in Chicago.

With headlines admitting Biden’s feebleness and hopelessness as a world leader, the establishment media is crying Mayday!

  • CNN: Biden’s disastrous debate pitches his reelection bid into crisis
  • Washington Post: Democrats panic over Biden, doubting his future
  • Politico: The Movement to Convince Biden to Not Run Is Real
  • BBC: Biden’s incoherent debate performance heightens fears over his age


Polis was on the minds of New York Times opinion writers who dissected the debate in a podcast afterwards.

Ezra Klein declared it a bad night for democracy as America’s leftist opinion makers agreed it was the worst debate performance in history since that time Andrew Johnston probably drank too much moonshine.

Polis’s name was dropped as a one-time contender along with Gov. Newsome of our sister state, California, but Klein noted that only Newsome has actively campaigned to be the successor if Biden should falter.

And falter, Biden has.

Forbes lists Polis as a likely presidential candidate should Biden drop out or be replaced at the convention, along with contenders Newsome, Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, and Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro.

Colorado’s Democrat congressional delegation remains mostly in shocked silence about Biden’s frail condition and obvious unsuitability to continue as president.

Only U.S. Rep. Jason Crow weighed in after the debate with a desperate spin to save Biden with the rallying cry of Jan. 6. PeakNation™ will recall that’s when Crow hid behind a row of women in a Capitol balcony because unarmed protestors were roaming beyond the tourist areas of the building knocking on closed doors.

The best defense the White House could muster afterwards was that Biden had a cold, even though there were no coughs or sniffles during the debate, and he’s well enough to campaign today in North Carolina with staffers showing him where to stand and read the teleprompter.

Lauren Boebert was hitting the retweet’s on X, while Colorado’s soon-to-be new GOP congressman representing the Colorado Springs area also weighed in on the spectacle.

Democrats know that too. What remains to be seen is whether they’re willing to tear the party apart at the convention to install a new nominee.

Pack light clothing, Polis. The Windy City is brutally hot in August.