Colorado voters mostly rejected progressive candidates running in hotly contested Democrat primary races this week due partly to well-funded campaigns plus support from establishment state lawmakers.

But mainly because their extremism ultimately annoyed voters.

Gone are state Rep. Tim Hernandez of Denver, who finally conceded the race on social media by blaming the ambiguous system instead of his own bratty behavior.

Always the trendy rebel looking for the next socially conscience cause, Hernandez jumped on the antisemitism bandwagon the day after Hamas slaughtered more than one thousand Jews to ignite a war with Israel.

His confrontation with a Jewish spectator caught on video go over well with voters or his colleagues in the state House.

Ever onward to Loserville is more likely. Hernandez lost with only 47% of the vote to challenger Cecelia Espenoza who captured 53%.

This joker is still teaching school somewhere in Aurora. Parents should be concerned.

Here’s his concession statement:

His grand idea was socialism.

Also going down in defeat was fellow socialist state Rep. Elisabeth Epps of Denver, who was trounced by 61% to 39% by Sean Camacho.

In other races, progressive Obi Ezeadi lost a state Senate bid against Lindsey Daugherty of Arvada.

State Rep. Judy Amabile of Boulder also beat back progressive Jovita Schiffer in Senate District 18.

In Adams County, incumbent state Rep. Julia Mavin was defeated by her more moderate challenger, Jacqueline Phillips.

And, Aurora School Board member Michael Carter defeated teacher Bryan Lindstrom 62% to 39%.

Beating progressives in elections, now this is a trendy protest we can get behind.