Islamist Summer is well underway in Colorado and across the U.S. where paid activists have a job to do every election year and some in between, and that’s to stir up trouble for votes.

Not since the turbulent anti-war 60s’ has the U.S. seen so much civil unrest and yet the activism we’re witnessing today seems to have unprecedented levels of funding from mysterious sources of the progressive left.

Here’s the roll call of the year in trends for protest, riots and marches of indignation.

  • 2022          Abortion
  • 2020          Black Lives Matter
  • 2018          Gun violence
  • 2017          Me Too
  • 2016          Donald Trump
  • 2014          Ferguson riots
  • 2012          Climate Change
  • 2011          Occupy Wall Street

It’s no coincidence that protesting became fashionable after a community activist was elected president and put into action a grassroots movement of so-called grassroots movements to magnify and protest social injustices.

Teachers even got in on the act in Colorado and led their students in walkouts to protest all manner of perceived wrongs.

Soon-to-be former State Rep. Tim Hernandez even convinced his students to skip class and protest his firing from Denver Public Schools.

Now that he and fellow socialist Elisabeth Epps have lost their reelection bids, they can take their moonlighting gigs as pro Palestinian protestors full time.

After marching against corporate America, protesting climate change, gun violence, racism, male-on-female violence, trans rights, the right to abort the unborn, targeting Christians and Republicans, the activist community this election cycle has turned its hatred on the Jewish people.

Not even Denver’s 50th anniversary of Pride parades was safe from these protestors and their chants encouraging violence against Jews and the elimination of Israel as Pride marchers sashayed down Colfax.

CBS News Colorado recently reported the protests on the Auraria campus cost taxpayers nearly $700,000 during the last semester.

It was presumed the summer school break would cool heads and the pro-Palestinian protests would cease their calls of divestment from doing any business with Israel and the elimination of the Jewish state.

But then students and their professional protest supporters got even more aggressive and targeted the private homes of Jewish CU Regent Ilana Spiegel as well as Regent Callie Rennison.

The Board of Regents passed a resolution last week condemning the primary instigators led by Students for a Democratic Society and their racist, hateful speech.

The resolution states that calls for “Intifada” are “calls for violence and murder against the Jewish people, are antisemitic, and are racist in nature.”

The Students for Democratic Society responded by issueing a missive to Newsline in which they dispute that intifada is a call for violence.

“Intifada is an Arabic word that roughly translates to ‘shaking off.’ This term is commonly used to describe the Palestinian resistance against the Israeli occupation for the past 76 years.”

Just FYI, 179 Jews were killed in the first “shaking off” by Palestinians.

It’s going to be a long, hot, summer for Democrats, who are rightly shaken to their core to see their own paid activists turning on them in such ignorant, menacing fashion.