The antisemitic wing of Colorado’s Democrat Party demanded the organization on Monday pass a resolution calling for a ceasefire in the war between Israel and the terrorist organization Hamas.

Because Democrats believe the world revolves around them and we will all just bend to their will. Honestly, their ignorant self-righteousness knows no bounds.

The resolution was rejected 55% to 40% with the rest abstaining, but it’s unclear how many of the state’s central committee voted during the Zoom meeting. CPR reports 300 attended, but more than 500 participated in committee meetings.

Elected officials in attendance said passing the resolution was wrong would only further divide the party.

And yet, that vote looks damn divisive as is.

CPR is the only media outlet to report on the resolution. Here’s what Lake County Chair Christian Luna-Leal had to say:

“This is not a divisive bill. This is something that is widely supported by most voters, not just Democratic voters, especially by young people such as myself.”

Yeah, but that number does seem to be getting smaller.

Stefanie Clarke, Co-Founder of Stop Antisemitism Colorado, noted about the resolution in the Boulder Jewish News:

“After far-left candidates were handily defeated in last week’s primaries, we are seeing a decisive shift in the power base of the party and a rejection of their hate cloaked in justice and progressive values. There is nothing progressive about marginalizing any community.”

Here is the resolution that claims “Palestinians deserve access to housing, clean potable water, high-quality food, medical care, freedom of movement, the right to self-determination, and the ability to live free of forced evictions and military threats.”

And yet it failed to mention Palestinians had none of those rights under the rule of Hamas.

The resolution claims that President Biden, who we’ve now learned can barely form a complete sentence in under two minutes, “is forcefully advocating” for peace in the Mideast.

The document demanded a two-state resolution and condemns “the “disproportionate military response by Israel that has led to a horrible loss of life of Palestinian civilians.” Also known as war.

In a statement after the vote, Democrat Party Chair Shad Murib also propped up Biden as the white savior working day and night in his sleep to bring about an end to the war.

Murib ridiculously claimed that Trump, who successfully negotiated the Abraham Accords policy, would bring about more suffering to Israel and the Palestinians.

The Colorado Party’s Resolutions Committee had recommended the full party support the resolution, that if passed, would have been forwarded to Congress and the White House with zero impact.