Coloradans will have yet another presidential candidate to consider voting for in November as Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., will fill the third-party Libertarian slot.

The entry could be more meaningful to Democrats coming on the heels of President Biden’s disturbing debate performance that exposed the commander in chief’s frail mental state.

Democrat support for the old man is vanishing by the minute. Our Vegas bet is on Biden dropping out of the race on Friday, July 12, to steal all the media thunder from the GOP as the Republican National Convention opens that weekend.

Even though Kennedy’s politics is unquestionably left wing, some in the media predict he will steal Republican votes for Trump because of Kennedy’s opposition to the COVID vaccination.

We would argue the lawyer was just jonesing to cash in on a class action lawsuit against Big Pharma.

Kennedy made a fortune forming The Riverkeepers, an environmental activist group that leveraged federal regulations to pocket big bucks in lawsuits brought by his firm. He looked to be playing the same game.

But lawsuits never materialized so now the rich old Kennedy whose political heritage comes with instant street cred is biding his time with presidential aspirations at the age of 70.

Colorado’s Libertarians say adding him to their ticket will “disrupt the entrenched two-party system.”

Since Colorado was always going to go for Biden, what the Hell. Roll the dice and see how the third-parties fares this go around.