Ron Hanks cast doubt on Donald Trump’s ability if reelected then trashed Lauren Boebert and the Colorado GOP after losing his own party primary for the 3rd Congressional District seat.

The adage that politics should stop at the water’s edge didn’t hold true as Hanks unleashed his frustration on a British newspaper reporter assigned to cover the candidate’s election night watch party in Grand Junction.

His comments as reported by The Independent to its 28 million readers overseas reflected Hanks’ deep disappointment in losing what he described as a mission in which he had marching orders to engage.

By declining to elect him to higher office beyond the one term he served in the state House, Hanks declared the party irredeemable.

The California native told his supporters that night after losing to Grand Junction native Jeff Hurd “there was no ego in this for me.”

And yet, his ego was clearly bruised.

“This party should fall,” Hanks told The Independent. “This party should collapse. We are so infiltrated with people that have impure motives that we can’t trust people in our own party. It’s like having the enemy wearing our uniform in war.”

Hanks was one of the 14 candidates who lost their elections despite being endorsed by the Republican Party and chairman Dave Williams.

Boebert was one of the few winning endorsed candidates, and yet Hanks snubbed her victory as “probably the least deserving of any of the pro-MAGA candidates.”

Hanks had previously told Colorado Politics he looked forward to working with Boebert to help Trump “drain the swamp” in Washington, D.C.

The Republican Party had touted Hanks as a candidate who would “enthusiastically support our 2024 Republican Presidential Nominee, President Donald J. Trump,”

And yet on election night, Hanks was letting his true colors show and predicted that Trump would be unable to even schedule an agenda, let alone accomplish anything if elected.

With an attitude like his, no wonder he lost.