President Biden added new justifications to the list of excuses for his disorientated and stumbling debate performance in a meeting this week with governors, in which Jared Polis participated by phone.

It wasn’t just Biden’s alleged cold, he told the governors had jet lag from a trip he’d taken two weeks previous, plus he’s supposed to be working less and sleeping more, and not doing any events after 8 p.m., the New York Times reported.

After Gov. Josh Green of Hawaii, a physician, asked Mr. Biden questions about the status of his health, Mr. Biden replied that his health was fine. “It’s just my brain,” he added, according to three people familiar with what took place — a remark that some in the room took as a joke, including Gov. Kathy Hochul of New York, according to a person close to her. But at least one governor did not, and was puzzled by it.

In a town where everyone parses their words, Biden had at last said the quiet part out loud — his health is good, his brain isn’t.

His condition might not be that serious for a retired grandpa, but he’s the president of the United States.

Heaven forbid our country should be attacked by Russia at 8:30 p.m. when our commander in chief is unable to respond with coherent demands.

“Launch the muscle, the neck, nick, …no the other thing, you know the thing, the big bullet with the nuclear war head — and blow them to kingdom come! Wait. Did I say nuclear? I meant … oh, never mind.”

It’s obscene that governors would be gathering around Biden’s mental death bed to determine if he’s fit to run for reelection, when he appears mentally incompetent to serve out his presidency.

But Democrats aren’t worried about protecting democracy against another Pearl Harbor or 9/11 attack with a president on watch who can only function six hours a day.

They’re in a panic to save the Democrat Party.

After hearing out his excuses, Polis was one of the few governors who chimed in at the meeting’s end with more pointed remarks, the Times reported.

Polis “told the president that he had heard a groundswell of wishes from various people that Mr. Biden would end his campaign.”

Polis didn’t mention any names as to whom he’s hearing this from, but it’s safe to assume his own name and presidential ambitions top the list.

It doesn’t appear that anyone in Colorado’s media have followed up with Polis to get his take on the meeting and whether he believed Biden’s excuses.

We’d be interested in hearing who is among this groundswell of support for Biden to drop out that Polis was talking about.