U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet signaled to his Colorado supporters that support for Joe Biden is in question this week among the president’s former Democrat colleagues in the Senate.

Bennet’s office issued an unusual Sunday night statement from an unnamed spokesperson declaring “President Biden must reassure the American people that he can run a vigorous campaign to defeat Donald Trump.”

Vigor being the opposite of what we’ve come to expect from Biden throughout his presidency, even before his brain started buffering like a cheap motel wifi.

Bennet is the only Colorado Democrat to acknowledge Biden’s reelection chances are swirling the drain.

Meanwhile, the mainstream establishment media has led the drumbeat questioning Biden’s ability to:

  1. Serve another term
  2. Beat Trump
  3. Finish a coherent sentence.

There simply is no path for them or the Democrat House lawmakers calling for Biden to abandon reelection to walk it back.

Four senior House Democrats forcefully declared Sunday during an off-the-record call with House Democratic leadership that they believe Biden should step aside: Reps. Jerry Nadler (N.Y.), Adam Smith (Wash.), Mark Takano (Calif.) and Joseph Morelle (D-N.Y.), according to two people on the call. They join five other House Democrats who have publicly called on Biden to drop his reelection bid or believe Donald Trump would beat him in November.

The Bible of Democrat Politics, The Washington Post, has littered its front pages every day since the debate with headlines casting doubt on Biden’s future.

From The Post’s Analysis: A crucial week for Biden

This will undoubtedly be a crucial week for President Biden as pressure builds on him to drop his reelection effort even as he and his campaign insist that he’s not going anywhere.

The House and Senate are back in town today and members will be able to talk to one another in person for the first time since Biden’s poor debate performance 11 days ago.

The uncertainty about Biden has riled the caucus as lawmakers have been back home in their districts, talking to donors and voters.


Bennet is undoubtably feeling pressure from his donors and key backers for assurances that Trump won’t beat Biden.

Because despite Biden’s belief the polls are on his side, they are not.

And that Colorado poll was taken before the debate.

Partisan catastrophizing aside, the planet will not cease to exist if Trump is elected.

And if Biden stays in the race, Trump will most assuredly defeat him.

Bennet gets it. The rest of Colorado’s delegation is still struggling with reality.