House Democrats today attended a “come to Jesus” meeting with all the enthusiasm of a funeral procession to discuss President Biden’s deteriorating health that is getting in the way of their party retaining power in the White House.

There was no consensus on how to proceed with the Biden debate disaster that won’t go away, according to Democrat lawmakers hastily exiting their caucus meeting.

Depressed and divided is the mood for Democrats on Day 12 of Biden’s après debate party.

Colorado Democrats surely attended the mandatory meeting held at Democrat national headquarters just a few blocks from the Capitol.

And yet the state’s House delegation has so far refused to communicate with their constituents about their concerns, if any, that Biden could serve another four years as president.

Meanwhile, polls show voters are very much concerned as to whether Biden can serve another week as the commander in chief.

There’s also no word as to whether freshman Congresswoman Yadira Caraveo attended the meeting beforehand for members up for reelection in battleground districts.

She’s facing a competitive campaign against Republican nominee Gabe Evans in the state’s new 8th Congressional District.

Caraveo told Colorado Politics it was up to voters to decide if Biden can win the election or serve four more years.

“Obviously, he did not do well on the night of the debate. I think we all saw that and denying that would be silly,” …

Meanwhile U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette signaled support for Biden and nuclear energy by attending a bill signing event at the White House.

DeGette shared the “proof of life” photo on X.

There’s no media coverage of the bill signing beyond a press release, so it must not be very important. Or, the official White House photographer was the only one allowed in the room to record the event.

Congresswoman-for-life DeGette had no statement for her voters on whether Biden was in a whispering state or shouting at the pens during the event.