In a case of shoulda-kept-your-mouth-shut, Larimer County Democrat Chairman William Russell attacked his GOP counterpart for not filing election reports, claiming fiscal responsibility should be a hallmark of political parties. Unfortunately for Russell, he forgot to check on the financial status of his own county party.

Now it comes out that the Larimer County Democrat Party is $15,000 in debt. Oops.

Reports show the Larimer Dems last cycle raising $52,000, but spending $67,500. We wouldn't call that fiscal responsibility. But maybe for Democrats that is in the scope of things. At least it's not adding three trillion to the national debt, like Congressional Democrats did when they were in power.

Key paragraph:

The party showed no loans in its reports to the secretary of state, and Russell said he didn’t know how the party covered the $15,000 in expenditures above the amount of donations the party received. “You know more than I do about it already,” he told the Coloradoan. Russell said he didn’t believe party donors were aware of the deficit, and Democratic leaders were working on plans to close the gap.

Glass houses. Stones.