Liberal Loon Carol Hedges reminds us of the self-righteous trust fund kid from Boulder, who, when they go over their budget demand their parents replenish their bank account, rather than curtail spending. When you suggest that maybe they live within their means they look at you, in total befuddlement, as if you are speaking some foreign tongue. Cut spending? Are you crazy?

That's certainly how The Loon's latest missive on spending sounds. 

Yesterday, a big government budget blast was sent to the Fiscal Policy Institute's email list demanding recipients sign a letter to Colorado's two US Senators opposing any form of cap on federal spending or attempts at balancing the bloated federal budget. Having utterly failed at influencing Colorado's budget, even a little bit, Carol Hedges is now aiming her sites at bigger targets.

Of course she is destined to fail, as you won't find many politicians these days thinking it's a good idea to come out against a spending cap, but her attempt is instructive on big government boosters view of the world. Despite the recent death of Keynesian economics, liberals such as The Loon believe government spending will help us grow our way out of this ditch.

Using her trademark whip-smart lobbying skills, Hedges trashes the Balanced Budget Amendment in her letter to Senator Udall, which he has at least rhetorically supported. It's a pretty effective and long-used lobbying tactic to swing votes to your side by trashing legislation a politician supports in your pitch. 

Previously, Udall would probably have publicly backed endless government spending as the panacea to our problems, but with his re-elect on the horizon, Udall has been trying mighty hard of late to appear different. Hell, he even bamboozled the Gazette editorial board into believing so. He doesn't actually support limiting government spending (see: all of his votes), but it's a strong rhetorical position to hold in a moderate state like Colorado. 

We love it when liberals embark on quixotic quests to convince liberal Senators they're not being liberal enough. It's an especially fun scenario for conservatives, because either the Senators kow-tow to liberal demands and lose the support of independents, or they reject the entreaties and anger the left wing, losing door walkers and small donors. 

So, Carol — keep 'em coming. 

For a little Friday schadenfreude you can read the full screed here.