After vociferously defending a Congressional redistricting plan described by editorial boards across the state as "radical," a "cynical ploy," and "not good for Colorado" for its carving up of the Western Slope and Eastern Plains in favor of the Denver metro area, state Senator Morgan Carroll is now livid over a recently approved reapportionment map that makes significant changes to existing lines in Arapahoe County. 

A bipartisan reapportionment commission yesterday approved a Republican-supported map for state House lines and a Democrat-supported map for state Senate lines.

The plans that were tentatively approved affect regions six and seven, which incorporate the following counties: Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, Jefferson, Broomfield and Denver.

State Senator Morgan Carroll (D-Aurora) was reportedly livid over the state House map because it would "radically change Arapahoe County."

That's the exact opposite tune of what she was singing during redistricting, where she claimed it was necessary to carve up the Western Slope and Eastern Plains in the name of "competitiveness."

It must be hard for Carroll to make these accusations with a straight face. 

It was probably not a smart idea to put the same Democrat on reapportionment as redistricting. After going to the mattresses for the right to redraw every Congressional line in redistricting, Democrats would have been better off choosing different people for reapportionment where the charge of hypocrisy wouldn't be so easy to level. 

Worse still for Carroll is the state House bill was passed with the support of the Unaffiliated Chairman of the Commission. Democrats got their preferred state Senate map, leading many observers to see the map changes as a fair deal. But that didn't stop Carroll from ranting and raving against what she herself had argued for on a much larger scale only a few weeks prior. 

Before Morgan Carroll throws out any more charges in reapportionment, she might want to go back and check the tapes from redistricting. She might find it illuminating.