Update: We have heard from numerous sources, many with Democratic leanings/associations, that our guest poster’s thorough analysis missed one key point …most Democrats do not even like Morgan Carroll. In essence, Carroll has bullied her way to the front of the leadership line, and it isn’t just Republicans who don’t care for the way she conducts her business. Meglomaniac comes to mind. More on this to come.


By now, most politicos and the unwashed masses in Colorado have seen 5280’s puff-piece of now-Senate Majority Leader Morgan Carroll. The by-line of the article asks, “Could state Senator Morgan Carroll be Colorado’s first female governor?” With all due respect to author Natasha Gardner, perhaps the byline should have asked “Could state Senator Morgan Carroll be Colorado’s first  ambulance-chasin’ governor?”

Carroll isn’t simply a hard-line liberal who Republicans can appreciate and respect, but disagree with. She is a hard-line liberal who simply disregards the idea that anyone can possibly disagree with her, whether they’re moderates in her own party or just simply do not subscribe to her brand of left-wing, everyone’s a victim (especially her) politics. Hell, she doesn’t even let her boyfriend introduce himself as anything more than her “campaign manager” in public.

The 5280 article lends new meaning to the phrase “puff-piece” in so many ways. For instance, it makes note that “After passing the bar exam, she started a mother-daughter law firm with [her mother] that handled disability and family-law cases. At long last, Carroll was paying her bills and helping save her little corner of the world.” Well that “saving the world” gambit may have been true in 2010, but that’s not her current employer, which the article fails to mention. Per The Denver Business Journal, Carroll joined the Sawaya Law Firm more than two years ago. Sawaya Law should of course sound familiar to Coloradoans; their ambulance chasing ads are staples of daytime TV, and a few of you may have even sent your New Year’s Eve cab bill to them too!

But pity poor Morgan Carroll. She has somehow managed to pass legislation “despite lobbyist and Republican threats.” You know, since the GOP controlled the Senate when her death penalty bill failed in 2009, and the GOP controlled both chambers which alternately defeated her 17 hand-outs to trial lawyers and unions from 2006-2010. But no, it had nothing to do with semi-rational Democrat leadership making sure they kept her in line.

Unfortunately for Colorado, they will get a dose of Morgan Carroll lite for the next two years at least as she heads up the Democrat Senate caucus. While the Democrats clamor for Republicans to nominate doomed candidates for statewide office in 2014, hopefully they reciprocate by nominating Carroll for anything beyond her little safe-seat in Aurora. Maybe then she can campaign for an issue 70% of Coloradoans oppose, or be depicted as a lackey for “famed” local celebrity Frank “The Strong Arm” Azar, or maybe just as a good ol-fashioned hypocritical hack. Whatever the case, maybe Hick should lend her the governor’s mansion keys for a day. That way she can start measuring the closet space for her lap-dog boyfriend/”campaign manager.”