The trouble with being all things to all people, at least in politics, is that you wind up making everyone mad.

And mad is probably a fitting descriptor for Evie Hudak today, as The Denver Post reports that a new conservative group is hitting Hudak hard over her support for Proposition 103.  

Check out the hard hitting ad here:

Cleverly, the new group, called Compass Colorado, is using the words of none other than John Hickenlooper to drive home the point — words caught on video by Michael Sandoval at WhoSaidYouSaid:

GOVERNOR HICKENLOOPER: There’s no appetite for taxes anywhere all  over the state…It’s true, there’s no appetite to raise taxes.

Close watchers of the ad will notice that none other than we at Colorado Peak Politics are cited in the Hudak hit. On August 25 we published a list of legislators who are supporting the job-killing initiative. Democrat legislators did not make easy, avoiding publishing their support widely, forcing us to comb through the records of who collected signatures for the effort and determine who stood behind Rollie Heath at his pro-tax hike press conferences.  

Beyond stroking Hudak, the ad is interesting because it drags the Governor, who has dodged taking a formal position on 103, into the mix.

When with liberals, Hickenlooper and his administration wink and nod support.  

But as the candid caught-on-tape moment in Compass Colorado's advertisement shows, Hick sings a very different song when he is hanging out with more conservative audiences.  

Too bad for Evie Hudak, it's a song that is going to be ringing in her ears a lot over the next 10 days.  

Per Tyler Q. Houlton, President of Compass Colorado:

"Evie Hudak’s unwavering commitment to raising taxes by billions of dollars shows how out-of-touch she is with the needs of Colorado’s struggling small businesses and working families. Colorado voters must choose whether they are behind Evie Hudak, who has no remorse for raising taxes in a jobs crisis, or with Governor Hickenlooper, who unabashedly claims voters have ‘no appetite’ for higher taxes in these tough times.

Although Governor Hickenlooper continues to waffle on the Proposition 103 tax hike, his disparaging words on tax increases are the single best argument against them. Hickenlooper should come clean with Coloradans and explain exactly where he stands on Proposition 103.”

As Senator Hudak’s new state Senate district drawn by the Reapportionment Commission is one of the most competitive in the state, Hudak will need to appeal to moderate and conservative voters in 2012. With her support of a job-killing $3 billion tax increase, Hudak is going to struggle to be anything but a tax and spend liberal, despite what will be clear attempts to appear otherwise come next year.