Without the helping hand of our allegedly post-partisan governor, the leading cheerleader for higher taxes in the Legislature, Senator Evie Hudak (D-Westminster), wouldn’t be looking at a possible recount — she’d likely be drowning her sorrows over her loss in SD19.

Governor Hickenlooper threw his lot in with a number of legislative Democrats this cycle, despite his reputation for rising above the din of partisan politics. But it was Hudak’s race where his popularity made the biggest impact — including robocalls and mailers.

Hudak is looking at a possible recount in her SD19 race with Lang Sias, with about a 330-vote lead but thousands of ballots yet to be counted.

There for but the Grace of Governor Hickenlooper goes Hudak, it seems.

While Hudak may be counting her blessings for Hick’s assist, it was a risky move for the Guv, who prides himself on the post-partisan image he’s constructed in the press.

From his Hudak robodials to no less than seven mail pieces for union hack State Rep. Max Tyler and lawyer-lobbyist Tracy Kraft-Tharp, Hickenlooper fully entered the political fray this cycle.

Post-partisan, Hickenlooper is no more.

Some readers have speculated to the Peak that Hickenlooper’s sudden embrace of partisan politics has more to do with own political career than that of Hudak or Tyler. These well-informed sources suggest that Hickenlooper might be a tad worried about a primary challenge in 2014 and by lending a hand and his popularity to Democrats in competitive races he was hoping to earn himself some goodwill on the left.

Whatever the cause, Hickenlooper is likely to have a harder time selling his post-partisan propaganda going forward.