The story line is well established — except when it comes to coddling serial killers, Governor John Hickenlooper is a wuss. 

He avoids tough, controversial decisions like the plague.

Today’s installment comes from the Colorado Springs Gazette, in an article titled “Gov. Hickenlooper offers measured support to Morse, Giron in Colorado recall elections“. 

DENVER – Last week polls opened unexpectedly early in Pueblo, financial disclosures revealed hundreds of thousands of dollars from out-of-state pouring into the recall elections and Gov. John Hickenlooper sent out an e-mail…

It’s the first time the governor has actively campaigned for two Democratic Senators facing recall elections next week for their support of gun control measures that Hickenlooper signed into law this summer. And the email did not include the names of either Morse of Giron.

Some question why so little, so late…

But Hickenlooper isn’t jumping out of any airplanes for Giron and Morse as he did when he was pulling for two referendums aimed at curbing the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights in 2005.

An email is a far cry from his earlier promise to do whatever it takes to help Senators Giron and Morse survive their recall elections.

The email that Hickenlooper sent out went through the Democratic National Committee, ensuring that most voters, other than hardcore Democrats, would not see his incursion into the recalls.

Hick strikes a moderate tone with Denver media, saying virtually nothing in support of Giron or Morse, but gives a hard-edged message in the mailboxes of liberal voters.

It’s straight out of Hick’s political pussyfooting playbook. Last election cycle, he played hard for a number of Democrats in the mail, while pretending to be “post-partisan” in public.

Hick — you absolute wuss hole. If you want to show some courage, show some courage. Don’t act tepid in the press, and go all hardcore in liberal mailboxes.