Supposed "Unaffiliated" Chairman of the Reapportionment Commission, Mario Carrera, has been deceiving the public about his true political motives and now that unethical behavior is coming home to roost. In response to his deception of the public, Compass Colorado President Tyler Q. Houlton is calling for Carrera to resign his job at the TV/Radio company, Entravision Communications. If he is unable to be honest with the public, he has no place helping shape the news seen by large swaths of Colorado's Hispanic market. 

From Compass Colorado's press release:

“This corrupt, Chicago-style politics has no room in Colorado,” said Tyler Q. Houlton, president of Compass Colorado. “Mario Carrera should resign from Entravision for his brazen attempt to hijack the voting process in Colorado and for his massive donations to Democrats while being employed by a non-partisan news source.  

If a journalist can be fired for political donations, surely a manager of a news station should be held to the same standards,” Houlton said. “Especially if that employee just slammed a blatantly liberal map down the throats of Colorado voters.”

While claiming to be an impartial and non-partisan Chairman, Carrera's true political leanings are easily exposed by doing a simple search of his political donation records — something the mainstream media refused to mention for months after we at Colorado Peak Politics reported on it. He has donated nearly $9,000 to Democrats since 2008, including a combined $500 to the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee and Democrat Congressional candidate Joe Miklosi while chairing the Reapportionment Commission as a representative of "Unaffiliated" voters.

Eli Stokols of Fox 31 reported today that Carrera also attended a high dollar fundraiser for President Obama's re-election in October, where Obama's campaign was asking for donations as high as $38,500 for a picture with the President. As campaign finance reports are not due until January 15, we won't know for sometime whether Carrera ponied up that serious chunk of change for a pic with the President.

One thing is clear from Carrera's extensive political activity — he is a fraud and a poorly disguised political hack. While he was supposed to be representing the third of Coloradans who don't associate with a political party he was busy dropping serious amounts of money into Democrat campaigns and letting the Democrats on the Reapportionment Commission break rules left and right so that they could redraw state legislative districts in their favor.

For a man who spends most of his day running a company that reaches large sections of Colorado's largest minority group, he sure doesn't seem to give a damn about minority rights when it comes to people he doesn't donate to. 

This whole reapportionment mess is not going away anytime soon. If the Colorado Supreme Court upholds the maps passed today by Democrats and their lapdog Mario Carrera, many Republican legislators will be forced to run against their caucus colleagues. That is likely to engender a great deal of anger in the legislative session ahead. 

What many were expecting to be a particulary heated session, with many Democrats in the state House running for Congress and Colorado the focus of Obama's re-election effort, is only going to get worse. Democrats pushing together so many Republican incumbents, including multiple members of leadership, is just a "nasty thing to do" according to comments by GOP Reapportionment Commission member and Colorado College Professor Bob Loevy to the CO Springs Gazette's John Schroyer.

Democrats can expect that nastiness back in their direction ten-fold come the start of the next legislative session in January. 

As for the fraudulent huckster Mario Carrera — he has some explaining to do. Does his dishonesty and deception bleed into his business at Entravision? Can he be expected to be a good steward of the public's airwaves in the coming year when he is unable to even be honest about his political affiliation in a highly sensitive political position?

How will he explain his decision to completely abrogate minority rights by blocking amendments and the ability for a minority report to be sent along with the maps to the Colorado Supreme Court?

Mario-Gate is far from over. This last minute partisan gerrymander aided and abetted by a fraudulent Chairman will not go quietly into the night. 

(Photo Credit: WhoSaidYouSaid)