Talk about adding insult to injury. After a fourth quarter fundraising haul that had left wing mouthpiece Colorado Pols tell Congressional candidate Joe Miklosi his campaign was "all but over," now a big dog Democrat donor is defecting from Miklosi's camp.

Kurtis Lee of The Denver Post was first to report yesterday on Steve Farber, who led the effort to raise $50 million for Obama's Denver convention, is co-hosting a fundraiser for incumbent GOP Congressman Mike Coffman, and making the maximum $2,500 donation to his campaign. 

Do you think Farber warned Mark Grueskin he was going to do this when Grueskin was up to his eyeballs in legal briefs to gerrymander CD6 for Democrats? We guess not. 

Now this embarrassing embarrassment of a defection for Miklosi has gone national. Politico's David Catanese picked up on the news item yesterday, and let all the big dogs know in DC that Miklosi is officially dead in the Congressional waters. 

This couldn't come at a worse time for old Joe's campaign, what with the end of the first fundraising quarter of 2012 rapidly approaching — a quarter that Miklosi's campaign has said repeatedly is an essential fundraising quarter. 

When news of Farber's fundraising for Coffman went public, the state Democrat Party was quick to shoot themselves in the foot and publicly trash a major party donor.

Colorado Democrat Party Executive Director Alec Garnett tweeted: "Farber also supported Beauprez in his run against Ritter for Governor in 2006. We all remember how that turned out @lynn_bartels #copolitics"

Lynn, any chance you could ask Farber to respond to the attack from Garnett?

State Democrats are now stuck between a rock solid donor and a hard campaign to win.

Sucks to be Miklosi.