A few months ago The Denver Post let go of liberal columnist Mike Littwin, citing financial reasons. To replace him, Media Trackers Colorado reports that the Post is now considering hiring Democratic operative Laura Chapin to write a column.

We have several issues with the Post hiring a political operative from only one side of the aisle, but here's a glaring reason not to hire Laura Chapin specifically: She's got a problem with basic fact-checking.

One of Chapin's clients is the Occupy-linked Colorado Fair Share group, for which Chapin planned a protest of Congressman Mike Coffman during the Republican National Convention in Tampa next week. But there's a problem with Chapin's whip-smart strategic planning skills….

Reports the Colorado Statesman:

The liberal Fair Share Colorado organization is promoting the trip to Tampa by the three members of the 99 percent to ask Coffman some questions.  

Problem is, Coffman isn’t planning on attending the RNC, said an aide, who couldn’t disguise his amusement in an email.  

“Hahahahaha,” wrote campaign spokesman Owen Loftus. “Don't tell them that he's not going to be there!”  

One of the caravan’s organizers, Democratic operative Laura Chapin, said she checked Google and online news sites to determine that Coffman would be attending the confab in Florida. “If he wasn’t going, there would have been some sort of announcement,” she said.

Trading a liberal (but brilliant) Mike Littwin for a nutty, disreputable, (and not brilliant) hack in the form of Laura Chapin?

With decisions like that, it's no wonder the Post probably won't be publishing a paper in five years. 


(Chapin Photo Credit: Media Trackers Colorado)

(Littwin pic via Facebook)