The echo chamber of online Democrat activists is humming in response to a fake news story about Congressman Mike Coffman “leaving early” from a district event at the Aurora Public Library on Saturday. To correct the ongoing theme of misinformation perpetuated by the left, we would like to note that Coffman stayed almost a half hour longer than planned, and walked out of the building in plain view of numerous people, including someone waiting there to film his exit.

Also, has anyone checked to see whether these protesters were actually his constituents? We suspect they were more likely affiliated with a group like ProgressNow or Colorado Fair Share, which has been trying (without much success) to protest Coffman for something…anything…for years.

On Saturdays while Congress is in session, lawmakers who travel back to their districts organize days that are stacked with back-to-back constituent meetings.  For the man who has earned the nickname “hardest working Member of Congress,” in-district days like that are the norm – and not the exception.

Coffman regularly sets aside time to meet with residents of his suburban Denver district on weekend dates at public places in order to be accessible to as many of his constituents as possible.  These are designed as brief, private meetings, as many issues are personal in nature and inappropriate for broadcast across a “townhall” atmosphere with dozens, or even hundreds of others listening.

But this type of forum did not meet the political agenda of agitators who had an ax to grind with Coffman.  So, as the old saying goes, when the facts don’t suit their purpose, they made some up.

This event was never billed as a townhall, and as for Coffman leaving “early,” that’s a lie as well.  The Denver Post reported that Coffman stayed until approximately 4:00 PM, which is actually nearly thirty minutes longer than the event was scheduled.  Coffman’s website clearly states that the Congressman would be meeting “one-on-one” with people, and that the event was scheduled to last from 2:00 – 3:30.

When will Coffman’s detractors figure out that cheap political stunts cannot overcome the bonds that the Congressman has developed with his constituents through his hard work, accessibility, and candor? If history is any example, it won’t be anytime soon.