Colorado Women's Alliance today announced plans to host candidate forums in Jeffco and in Arapahoe County to help educate women voters about issues that women have identified as most important.  Debbie Brown, director of Colorado Women's Alliance, highlighted the importance of women understanding where candidates fall on these issues:

“Victories in Jefferson and Arapahoe Counties are driven primarily by women in these Denver suburbs.  It’s vital for candidates to speak persuasively to independent women voters about issues that matter most to them. These forums, focused specifically on women’s issues, will be a valuable opportunity for candidates to make their case directly to voters.”

The two forums are open to participation by Repbulican and Democratic candidates in State House and Senate races.  Of course, the real question isn't who will be there, but who won't show up to pitch their positions to arguably the most important swing voters in this election.

The Jeffco Forum will be held on September 10th at The Beckman Center on the Colorado Christian University campus beginning at 7pm.  Candidates from Jeffco's most contested races have been invited, including:

  • HD23's Max Tyler (D) and Rick Enstrom (R)
  • HD28's Amy Attwood (R) and Brittany Pettersen (D)
  • HD29's Robert Ramirez (R) and Tracy Kraft-Tharp (D)
  • SD19's Evie Hudak (D) and Lang Sias (R)
  • SD22's Andy Kerr (D) and Ken Summers (R)

The Arapahoe County Forum will be held on September 13th at Bemis Library in Littleton also beginning at 7pm. Candidates from Arapahoe County's most contested races have been invited, including:

  • HD3's Brian Watson (R) and Daniel Kagan (D)
  • HD40's Cindy Acree (R) and John Buckner (D)
  • SD26's Linda Newell (D) and Dave Kerber (R)

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