Today was a tough day for Democratic state Rep. Max “Children Are Like Maggots” Tyler. We all remember how he degraded school kids who have trouble learning, so his newest debacle isn’t going to come as a surprise to Capitol observers, but Tyler has presented voters with two more reasons to wonder why Max Tyler holds elected office…anywhere.

Normally this time of year at the state legislature is the ho-hum of recommending bi-partisan bills and going home to walk precincts, but Max decided to make it interesting…and for that, we thank him.

Tyler opened his morning at the Legislature’s interim Transportation Committee by killing a jobs bill that would have directed new state revenues to road projects without raising taxes or fees. With every middle class family focused on jobs and good paying jobs, Max decided to give middle class families the proverbial bird and cast his vote to kill a bill that would have helped put construction workers and road crews back to work.

To make it even more fun, our good buddy Max Tyler came back this afternoon and voted against a bill that would have made it illegal to put lives at risk by driving a car while high. Now, follow this. Tyler voted for a bill in 2011 that would have made driving while high illegal.

During the 2012 Hickenlooper special session, Tyler was one of a very small number of Reps who voted against making DUI pot illegal. Today, when given the chance to correct his Max-flop, he decided to double down to support DUI.

Yes. You read that right. Max Tyler voted against making driving while high out of your mind illegal.

Why Tyler would vote to put families and children at risk by drivers under the influence of drugs is beyond us, and why he would double down on his dangerous policy position should outrage Lakewood voters. Why would he do it? Who knows. It’s a stupid stand to take. It could be in response to Minority Leader Mark Ferrandino’s new-found affinity for the pro-pot crowd, or it could have to do with the fact that Tyler has ignored Notorious B.I.G’s warning to “never get high on your own supply.” Either way, families and law enforcement lose.

Locked in what is a fierce race with first-time House candidate and candymaker, Rick Enstrom, Tyler can’t afford these kinds of unforced errors. Tyler’s vote to encourage driving under the influence of drugs breaks against every bit of data we’ve seen coming from JeffCo…and we seriously doubt that the over 65 crowd is going to be very supportive of Tyler’s position on driving while high.

So today, Max Tyler gave Enstrom and GOP politicos a two-fer. Max “Children Are Like Maggots” Tyler killed an otherwise popular middle-class jobs bill and then voted to support driving under the influence of illegal drugs.  Today’s score…advantage Enstrom.