A mailer sent by a Democratic front group accuses HD23 Republican challenger Rick Enstrom of getting arrested for selling cocaine paraphernalia. It’s not true and Democrats might find themselves with a libel lawsuit on their hands over it.

In response to the slanderous accusations, the District Attorney at the time has written a letter on Enstrom’s behalf stating “Rick Enstrom was never arrested for any crime.”

You can read the rest of the letter here.

What happened apparently was a business of which Enstrom was listed as the Owner of Record was given a minor summons that was eventually dismissed with prejudice. Enstrom was never arrested for anything. He wasn’t even at the business at the time of the summons.

This is not the first time the front group — the Colorado Accountable Government Alliance — has been found pushing lies. Last week they sent a mailer with demonstrably wrong allegations against HD3 Republican challenger Brian Watson claiming he owed back taxes that were never his responsibility in the first place.

The problem for the front group is while it’s considered standard to stretch the truth in campaign mailers, you can’t flat out lie. Straight-up lies could land the liar a libel lawsuit.

Enstrom is challenging incumbent Democratic Rep. Max “Children Are Like Maggots” Tyler, who actually has a drug record — voting against driving while high only a few weeks ago.

Tyler is facing his first serious challenge since being appointed to the seat in 2009.

Enstrom’s challenge of Tyler has apparently scared the bejesus out of Democrats, forcing them to resort to slander and lies.

We doubt it will be enough to save the State Rep who compared disadvantaged children to maggots in order to defend the teacher’s union position of rejecting an education reform bill.