Democratic Congressional challengers Sal Pace and Joe Miklosi released what are best described as “craptastic” new ads today.

For Miklosi, it is the first ad of his vastly underfunded campaign, and as The Denver Post‘s Kurtis Lee notes, it doesn’t even try to introduce the little-known Denver State Representative. It’s an odd choice considering Miklosi just moved into the 6th Congressional District in February, and he currently represents a Denver House District that has virtually no overlap with the Congressional District he’s running in, giving him little built-in name ID.

The spot itself is painful to watch. Miklosi’s acting feels like it belongs in a late-night infomercial rather than a contested Congressional race ad. Tell us more, Joe, about how the Juice Cleanse 4000 saved your life.

The ad also, as a Coffman campaign press release points out, contains a straight up factual lie. Miklosi claims in the spot that Coffman voted to “end Medicare” — the same argument Politifact deemed 2011’s “Lie of the Year.”

“Every time he opens his mouth, Joe is either lying about his record or misleading voters about Mike’s.  Character matters and this latest ad tells us a lot about Joe’s,” Coffman campaign spokesman Owen Loftus said.

Pace’s new ad doesn’t quite sink to Miklosi’s level of amateurism, but it offers plenty to mock. While we thought Pace’s first ad was actually a solid intro spot, this attempt at selling Pace as the “regular guy” takes it a bit too far.

Sal Pace: He’ll mow your lawn, water your garden, wash your windows. Please, just don’t forget about him. Don’t let him lose by 10 points.

An astute reader noted it reminded them of Homer Simpson’s “The Garbage Man Can.” What say you, Peak readers?

Please excuse the terrible quality video (best we could find):