The worst Congressional candidate in Colorado is about get hit for the first time on the airwaves. The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) just launched it’s first attack ad smacking Denver State Rep. and CD6 challenger Joe Miklosi for his support of a “government run, Canadian-style” healthcare system in Colorado.

The ad launched as part of a nationwide, $6.3 million ad blitz hitting 26 different Congressional races. In a sign of how far fellow Democrat Congressional candidate Sal Pace’s fortunes have fallen, the NRCC decided he’s doing so poorly they didn’t need to bother wasting money hitting him.

The Miklosi hit also comes before the Denver Democrat has even introduced himself to a district where he remains a virtual unknown commodity.

The attack over healthcare is not just based on Miklosi’s support of Obamacare, but a vote he took in 2009 in the Colorado State House.

Here is how a Rocky Mountain News article described House Bill 1273, which Miklosi co-sponsored, at the time:

A plan to lay the groundwork for a Canadian-style, single-payer universal health care system in Colorado has been introduced by a group of Democrats.

House Bill 1273, sponsored by Rep. John Kefalas, of Fort Collins, and co-sponsored by 18 legislators, would create a privately funded commission to study how a government-funded health care system could work. The goal is to send a single-payer bill to the General Assembly in 2011, he said.

Miklosi is getting hit as, at least according to voter registration numbers, CD6 should be competitive. Miklosi’s pathetic and embarrassing campaign has done their best to ensure it’s an easy re-elect for incumbent Republican Congressman Mike Coffman, but the basic contours of the district will ensure it’ll remain a targeted race.

No word yet on whether Miklosi plans on responding with another awful, awkward infomercial-like spot.